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Happy New Year, especially to my colleagues in OKC …

… whose class is officially announced!

I’m excited to be taking BI traveling, this time to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — at The Changing Table — for both the Basic (Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16) and Advanced (Monday and Tuesday, February 17 and 18) classes in one four-day session.

This session will cost $50 for registration, $300 in tuition per level (most plan to take both Basic and Advanced), and $30 travel costs, for a total of $680. For more information about classes and fees, please visit this information page.

Registration closes January 20, 2014. Class is limited to ten students.

If you are interested, please request to join the Facebook group for this session. All may join the group, but once the enrollment is finalized, all others will be asked to leave the group, so that the students may enjoy a confidential environment to support their learning and certification process.


Teaching at St. Paul’s School this March, plus BWIGH meetings there through May 2014

I want to thank St. Paul’s School for graciously hosting a new meeting time for Babywearing International of Greater Houston, for whom I am an educator: fourth Friday mornings. So far, we will mutually try out the 10 a.m. to noon slot on January 24, February 28, March 28, April 25, and May 23. If it works well for the school, BWIGH, and our staff and community, we hope to extend the collaboration.

Also exciting: I’ll be teaching for St. Paul’s Parent Education Program on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. on “Carrying Children with Simple Pieces of Cloth: Introduction to Babywearing.” Their programs are open to the public, and they offer child care, though reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance through the school office. Even if you cannot attend my class, please consider reading through the program (via the link above) to see if any of the other topics or speakers interest you.

For this class, I’ll discuss the fundamentals listed below and leave some time for questions. I don’t plan on doing a lot of one-on-one for the class, but I will provide information on how to get that help (like at BWIGH meetings!). 

  • Reasons to use cloth slings (biological norm to keep babies close; supporting social, emotional, and physical development; inclusion of infant; balance and maintenance of family members’ needs),
  • Major types of carriers in the context of human culture (simple pieces of cloth; panel-based carriers; harness-style and framed carriers; carry assistants; and devices like car seats, bouncers, swings, and strollers)
  • Considerations in selecting a good carrier or carrying style for the family (safety, comfort, optimal or ideal positioning, needs and goals)
  • Finding ongoing support (online and in person)

Come see me, or send a friend!